How I met your mother finale – My thoughts (Contains spoilers… obviously!)

So, How I met your mother ended. Did it end well? Hm… I don’t really know what to think yet. Maybe in the end of this “review” I will know.

I watched the two last episodes yesterday. I was really excited because HIMYM has been one of my favorite shows ever since I started watching it way back when.

SunriseThis season, season 9, has been a rollercoaster. It has really been a ride that has been going up and down. I think this has been my least favorite season, and I can very clearly tell you why; Ted’s and his constant “I love Robin”, and always wanting her back and doing stuff like chasing down her locket for her. It’s cute, it’s romantic, but Ted, get over it! I had no problem with Ted and Robin in the ealier seasons. It’s made sense, and it even made sense after they broke up. Yes, he still loved her, and of course we were gonna hear about it for a while, and those old feelings would come back. But ever since she and Barney became a thing, I have just hated the fact that Ted still wanted her. And it has irritated me how Robin also has been on the fence about Barney, and has been thinking about getting back with Ted.  For me Barney and Robin is the most perfect match. They have had a lot of problems, but they were perfect for each other.
Talking about this, let’s just jump into how this series ended with them getting married and then divorced again in no time. Like, it was three episodes between the wedding and the divorce. Yeah, it had been three years of marriage, but why? Really. Robin became obsessed with her work, and Barney couldn’t deal with it. I don’t understand why she couldn’t have just gotten a job in New York and not have to be this maniac travelling all over the world. But I did really love how Barney told her, that he vowed to tell her the truth, and therefore had to tell her it wasn’t working. He took the exit route.

Barney became a father. He had a “perfect month” 31 girls barn
in 31 days, LEGEN wait for it… DARY… except #31 ended up pregnant. So, Barney became a father. I find it weird that he actually took upon the fatherrole and didn’t just run for his life, cause, come on, it’s Barney. But I guess that’s the right ending for Barney. We’ve seen him grow and become a different person. I loved how he was all like “You are my everything. Everything I have and everything I am is yours” Aww. Who else teared up? I hope I’m not the only one. Neil Patrick Harries is just great, can we agree?

One of the things I, along with many others I guess, have been looking forward to, is Ted meeting the mother. I wasn’t fond of the way the show showed us Ted and the mother together, even though they hadn’t actually met. How they showed flashforwards of them. But I guess that how it worked best for the flow of the show, for the story the be told in the best way possible.

cuteAnyway, I was really looking forward to the scene on the train station where they would
first meet, and boy, it did not disappoint! It might be one of my favorite moments of this season! How Ted was sitting next to the old woman, and she was talking to him about destiny, and if he would talk to the girl if she was on the train station. I loved how he kept telling her “Just be cool lady. Damn”. That was just great.
He finally got up the courage to walk over to the girl, the mom, and it was just instant chemistry. Everyone have to agree with me on this; They couldn’t have casted a better mother. She is perfect. The scene with them under the umbrella and them discussing whose umbrella it was was amazing. I loved it! Definitely my number one moment of the finale!
Also, I loved the scene where Marshall was all bummed out about Ted calling the mother the next day, saying “He always does this”, something about him falling too hard too fast. The camera zoomed in on Lily’s face while he was talking, and she was smiling. She then said “Not like this. This is different.”  I aw’ed and cried. It was just too sweet.

Last Forever Part OneSo WHY IN THE FREAKIN’ HELL, did they have to kill of the mother. Why did they kill off Tracy!? So Ted could actually get the women he loved, Robin? Was that what they wanted? There was literally no reason to kill off the mother. Ted had FINALLY moved on from Robin. He had the perfect woman for him, which, in my eyes, Robin never was (not for Ted anyway), and they let her die. I haaated how his kids pushed him to call Robin and ask her on a date. No. Just NO. She’s aunt Robin, not stepmom Robin. Just no. Even though I hated it, I couldn’t help cry when Ted showed up at her door, she looked out the window, and he stood there with The blue French horn. Always such a romantic…

I don’t really have anything to say about Marshall and Lily. They stayed the great couple we know and love, and I love the finale for not messing with them. Lily got pregnant with their third child, Marshall got a job as as “Judge Fudge” and later something better (I didn’t quite catch it… ) Great for him I guess. His dream came true. He has been wanting this through all the seasons, so it’s kinda nice to see it actually happening.
Lily and Ted had such a nice moment when Ted was saying goodbye to go to Chicago. She couldn’t bear to say goodbye, so Ted gave her an “E.T” goodbye. It was goofy, but perfect and heartbreaking, because Lily was just all tears. Alyson Hannigan did an amazing job acting at this part. It was really touching!

I don’t have much more to say, and I guess I’ve said enough. Overall, I have loved this show, but this season has not been the best. It has been a bit of a mess. The ending.. meh. I was pro Robin/Barney and Ted/Tracy, and seeing Barney and Robin divorcing, and seeing the mother die, was just not the ending I had hoped for. But I guess it was alright.

I’m looking forward to the spin off series How I met your dad. It’s not gonna be the same, but I’m kinda glad the “How I met your” is not finished yet. It will be fun to see how Sally “met their dad” :D

Resurrection Pilot

So, Resurection premiered this sunday, and I watched it today. Ever since the LOST facebook page wrote about this new show, I have been very excited for it to premiere. It was obviously a show I had to check out.

And I am glad I did.

Resurection is about dead people who come back to life. In the pilot episode we meet Jacob, an 8 year old boy who died 32 years ago. As the episode goes on, we get to meet his parents, family and friends, all of them who have aged quite a bit. It has been 32 years.
Not much happened in this pilot episode. We meet Martin Bellamy who is an immigration agent. He playes a big part in getting the boy back to his parents. It is clear that Bellamy has no idea what is going on, which is understandable. Here comes this boy, Jacob, that seems to know the parents, seems to know the story about how he and his aunt died and seems to know how he and his old best friend Tom loved to play with action figures. It really is not hard to understand, that eveyone is a bit weirded out. But why they are not more weirded out, is a bit weird in itself. If one of my loved ones returned from the dead, I would be happy of course, but frightned as hell also! I would be asking some questions!!

I love how Jacobs mother instantly knows, that Jacob is the son she lost 32 years ago, and pretty much welcomes him with open arms, whereas the father is more sceptic. Not to generalize, but for most people, I think this would be the fact, and I think the show did a great job of showing that. It was so beautiful seeing the motherly love she has towards her son. No questions asked from her side.

I love the casting. I don’t know any of the actors, and I really like that. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love seeing familiar faces in new stuff, but it’s so nice being introduced to someone new. I really liked them all, but I must say I already love Bellamy the best. He just seems like a chill guy. I love how it seems like he wants to get answers to this peculiar situation (of course! Who wouldn’t want to find out what is going on when dead people start showing up!?) He even lies to his boss to stay and figure out more. That says a lot about his character.

My last comment is, that I think the showed opened on a beautiful note. It was just some stunning shots.
Also, I absolutely loved the background music. It was beautiful, and fit very well.

All in all, I loved the pilot of Resurrection, and I’m already craving more.
Hopefully this is a show that will make it far, and not get cancelled. I always fear shows getting cancelled after Flash Forward and Alcatraz got pulled. Those were some sad days..

NaNoWriMo status dag 30: I am a winner, but I feel like a loser


I går vandt jeg NaNoWrimo. I skulle have set mit ansigt da jeg ramte de 50.000 ord. Det var et “not impressed” udtryk der rullede hen over mit ansigt.

NaNo har virkelig ikke været godt for mig i år. Historien er virkelig dårlig, og jeg har været nødt til at lave word sprints for at nå mine word count mål for de forskellige dage. De andre år har jeg bare kunne skrive stille og roligt, og stadig nå det, men i år, har jeg kun lavet word sprints, så min skrivning er blevet sjusket og utrolig dårlig. Og jeg har været bagud. mange gange.

Men jeg har stadig skrevet 50.000 ordm og det er jo meget godt. Nu er jeg egentlig bare glad for, at der er overstået, så jeg kan komme igang med lidt læsning!

Word Count: 50.028


NaNoWriMo Status dag 26: 9 sider på en dag. Tak.

Jeg har virkelig haft nogle lazy-days. Jeg har haft nogle dage hvor jeg har været sådan lidt “Nå… jeg skriver bare i morgen. Det er okay. Det kan jeg godt klare”. NEJ. Man er nødt til at skrive hver dag. JEG er nødt til at skrive hver dag. Jeg ved virkelig ikke hvad der er sket for mig i år. Det er som om det ikke har været mig der har deltaget i NaNoWriMo. Men for at være helt ærlig, så jeg heller ikke haft særlig gode idéer, så det meste af det jeg har skrevet har bare været noget jeg har fundet på hen af vejen. Jeg ved stadig ikke hvilke “Evner” min hovedperson har, men der bliver hele tiden snakket om, at hun er noget så stærk og har nogle vilde evner. Men jeg ved ikke hvad det er, og det er ligesom det hele historien handler om. Fedt.

Men idag har jeg skrevet en masse, for jeg var ret bagud. Så jeg har skrevet 4.658 ord idag, hvilket svarer til 9 sider i word. JA TAK. Det synes jeg sådan set er ret imponerende. Og nu er jeg back on track. Lad os håbe, at det holder resten af tiden. Jeg vil gerne være færdig før den 30.!

Word Count: 43.714

NaNoWriMo status dag 21: Okay… Okay. Det går.

Det går. Ikke vildt godt, men det går. Jeg har nogle dage hvor jeg ikke skriver, og så kommer jeg bagud, og så går jeg i panik. Men så får jeg catchet up, og så har jeg det fedt… og så kommer jeg bagud igen. Sådan kører det lidt i øjeblikket, og det er pisse irriterende. Men jeg er da stadig med.
Og selvom jeg kun laver word sprints,  og altså skriver på livet løs uden rigtig at vide hvad der skal se, så får jeg skrevet. Dog er det rigtig irriterende, for jeg kan godt lide at sidde ned og have tiden til at skrive ordentlig, og vide hvad jeg faktisk vil skrive. Men det er der bare ikke tid til for mig. Så jeg må ty til words prints, og det virker.

Jeg har passeret de 30.000 ord, så det er feeeedt!

Word count: 34.283

(hvor mange gange har jeg skrevet “så” i dette indlæg? Mange)

NaNoWriMo status dag 18: Skal jeg ikke bare droppe det?

Mine opdateringer er super negative. NaNo 2013 har ikke været god for mig, og det irriterer mig grænseløst.

Jeg er gået hen og er blevet syg, og har ikke vildt meget lyst til at lave andet end at se serier og sove. Meget skrivning er det ikke blevet til.
Jeg overvejer seriøst at droppe det. Jeg får helt sikkert ikke skrevet vildt meget idag, og så er jeg bare vildt langt bagud. Godt nok har jeg fri i denne uge, men hvis jeg bliver ved med at være lige så syg som jeg er, så bliver det ikke til meget skrivning.

Men jeg er halvvejs, og det er da meget dejligt. Sådan set. Jeg skal lige op på 30. og så dropper jeg der. Måske.

Word Count: 26.700

NaNoWriMo status dag 14: Hvad er NaNoWriMo?

Ja, for man skulle ikke tro, at NaNoWriMo var en del af mit liv lige nu. Der er i hvert fald ikke en lykkelig del. Som man måske kan se på den fine (eller knap så fine) word count tabel ude i siden, så har jeg tre røde firkanter, hvilket betyder, at jeg slet ikke har skrevet de dage. Ikke et eneste ord. Den ene dag er så godt nok idag, og klokken er 22, så jeg regner ikke med at få skrevet helt vildt meget, men jeg vil i hvert fald knokle lige til midnat for at få en masse ord ned. For hold ooop hvor er jeg bagud. Dette er nok der værste NaNo år jeg har haft. Jeg har virkelig været uinspireret og dårlig. MEN jeg har også været hjemme fra arbejde klokken 18 hver dag, og efter en lang arbejdsdag med skrigende SFObørn, så er skrivning altså ikke det første jeg tænkter på, når jeg kommer hjem. Eller, det er det, det er bare ikke det første jeg gør.
Nu er jeg færdig i min praktik, så de kommende hverdage har jeg forhåbentlig mere til til at skrive!

Okay, alt det der er skrevet før, er skrevet da klokken var 22. Nu er detmidnat, og jeg har skrevet og skrevet og skrevet. OG jeg har nået at skrive for igår OG idag, så jeg er med igen. YES. Jeg har fået skrevet 3,394 ord på to timer, og det er jeg da ret stolt over.
Nu vil jeg sove. Sove godt og længe. Det er velfortjent synes jeg nok! 

Word count: 24.072